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Why I Chose Keller Williams

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Bradley Taylor – Keller Williams Agent 

The estate agency industry is in the middle of a transition. The traditional high street model is in decline and the online or hybrid sector has not gained any real momentum and is also suffering. With many years experience in both I decided I could offer a bespoke service evolving estate agency to the next level.

With the development of technology and social media it is now so easy to get in touch with people, communicate and generate new business. Bespoke agents are able to offer amazing levels of service that really cater to each homeowner as an individual with different needs and property types.

I selected to partner with Keller Williams, who are in fact the largest estate agent in the world with over 190,000 staff worldwide. There is a fundamental reason they have been so successful, the business is set up to put the agent first and to help them achieve their full potential. This is the fair way to run an estate agent. The staff doing the front line job are rewarded the most. This creates a better quality of life for them, massive drive to succeed and deliver an outstanding job. There are a few key areas that really sold it for me. Keller Williams have a vast amount of resources at their finger tips. The economies of scale that come with being part of large company, such as marketing, world leading training with experts on hand to help guide the way. Massive investment to future proof the company, Keller Williams have invested $1,000,000,000, that’s not a typo, 1 billion dollars, into tech research and development. Technology is evolving at such a fast rate that agents without this will be left behind. Offering cutting edge technology is going to give Keller Williams agents an almost unfair advantage! Great value for money, with the agent keeping the bulk of the money only a relatively small amount is paid to Keller Williams.

Fantastic value for money. A real no-brainer for any agent with the drive to start their own business and create generational wealth they can really be proud of. A huge plus for me is working directly with Mark Readings. Having worked for Mark in a previous job I knew he had valuable knowledge and experience that has proved essential when starting my own company. In a nut shell working alongside Keller Williams has substantially reduced my costs and made the whole process a lot easier than going it alone and learning lessons the hard way. I was actually about to start up on my own estate agent, literally had Rightmove and Zoopla contracts ready to sign when Mark told me about Keller Williams. I don’t believe in fate but if there was ever a case for it this is it.

It has without a doubt made starting my own company infinitely easier than going alone.

I have launched myself as a bespoke agent, combining my years of experience in dealing with every aspect of estate agency. Covering every area, proper market research, current marketing strategies, expert negotiations and sales progression. Getting all the important areas of the estate agent experience to a 10/10. Helping people achieve their goals is my primary drive, I want to create a business that stands the test of time. Making a successful business is fundamentally about helping people achieve what is right for them, a successful estate agency comes as a result of reaching this goal.

In 2 weeks, I have already been instructed on 3 properties, one has been rented already, one under offer at full asking price with more market appraisals booked, so I have already produced revenue – I am delighted with the launch!


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