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What to Look for When Hiring an Essex Estate Agent

by Nov 3, 2021Selling Your Home

What to Check When Selecting an Essex Estate Agent

Regardless of whether you are purchasing or selling a home, it is important to ensure that you have an Essex estate agent with several years of experience as well as expertise. Here are some guidelines that must be followed when recruiting the ideal property professional.

We can be generous with money, but what about time?

Most estate agents work on volume. Listing as many homes as possible and will work on a ratio of around 50% that result in revenue. This means if you instruct an agent that works this way, they will be busy handling too many clients. You could end up being 1 of the 2 that do not sell.

Make sure you select an agent that can dedicate time to you and your home so you get sold for the best price.

How will the agent market your home?

Since you have to pay your estate agent, it is crucial to ensure they know how to get the job done. When you ask an agent to visit for a valuation, move on to the next one if they do not submit a marketing strategy. Not all agents are the same.

Your home must be given the best chance of selling with unique advantages over the competition. An underprepared agent will limit your success. A pro-active agent will drive the result.

Size of their network?

The more extensive the network of the agent, the more buyers will be registered with them. I have seen many sales agreed without a home even going to market due to the power of the agents’ connections.

What is their motivation?

Dealing directly with a business owner will mean the motivation to deliver an excellent service and achieve the best end result will be far more likely. Protect your biggest asset with a professional who is also the business owner.

Never settle for the first Essex estate agent that you encounter! Instead, look for an expert whose skills align with your investment.

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