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Having Trouble Getting Essex Buyers to Offer? Your Pricing Might Be the Problem

by Nov 5, 2021Selling Your Home

Hard Getting Essex Buyers to Offer? Your Pricing Might Be the Issue

If you face problems when attempting to sell your home, the issue may be traced back to the pricing. Here are some of the reasons why.


Are You Getting Any Offers?

To begin with, have you been receiving offers for your Essex home? If you have, and the offers are lower than your listing price, it may be time to decrease the price. Even in busy markets, buyers often submit ‘lowball’ bids as a starting point, initiating future negotiations. But if every offer you receive is less than your asking price, it is best to re-evaluate it.


Who Set The Price For Your Home?

Was the price for your home decided by you or a professional estate agent? If you are attempting to sell your home without seeking expert guidance, you may have priced your house a little over its actual value. Several parameters, including the condition of your home, local trends and the current interest rates, assist in determining the exact value of your home. Always seek the guidance of an experienced estate agent for determining your price. Ensure that the agent has submitted clear evidence on the listing price and is using maths and opinion.


What Do Local Sales Trends Look Like?

Would you call your neighbourhood a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ market? Are there several local houses up for sale, or are there very few? How many homes close to your house were sold in the last few months, and at what rates? Comprehending regional sales trends is very important. In case the buyers are not buying, you may have to decrease your price.


Reducing The Price? Be Careful

Lastly, if you must decrease your asking price, do so cautiously. If you drop it substantially, you will send out the wrong message to the buyers. They may think there is something wrong with your house.

If completing the sale of your home seems challenging right now, remain persistent. Just a few minor changes to the price can make you the hottest listing in the local market.

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