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We are launching in Romford Could you be the answer?

We can teach anyone who has the right attitude to build a hugely successful business by following a fully documented and guided model, proven in 50 countries. Want to run your own business? 
With Keller Williams, where will tomorrow take you?

We are looking for determined individuals to follow our winning formula and become part of our family of business owners. At Keller Williams we look for specific behaviour habits and personality traits that fit our culture. If you are learning-based, we want to hear from you.

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Earn what you deserve:  Between 63-90% of each transaction

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What’s your story? – what pushes you to want more for your family. If you have a relentless determination to succeed, this is the number one factor. To commit and never give up – the right attitude will be your super-power!


Strong ethics

Keller Williams has become the number one estate agent in the world due to its commitment to culture. It is easy to stay we are a ‘family’ – but we mean it. Support and a willingness to help each other are fundamental. If agents go against our culture, we ask them to leave – no one wants conflict at work.



As a business owner, you will need to cover your home expenses while you build your business. We keep your running costs minimal to support you. Still, you must have enough money to grow and maintain a period without income.


Learning based

If you believe you know it all and do not seek to learn from the experience of other failings and successes – this is not for you. There is a specific model to follow and learn, and the agents that fail are the ones that go off course and refuse to learn through reading and attend our training.



Having an estate agency experience is an obvious benefit. You will generally get off to a faster start, but it is not essential. The ingredients for success are determined by the other 8 requirements. If you have both, then that’s a great combination.


Socially active

The simple truth is the more people know who you are and what you do the more success you will have. Do you have a lack of estate agency experience but have a strong Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin following? – if so, this gives you a fantastic foundation to grow your business.


Database size

In your previous roles, have you collated a big list of contacts? Your business’s success will be determined by your database’s size and how you nurture that database over the long term. If you start at zero, it can be done, but it will be more challenging.



What are you prepared to do to be successful? – Nothing lands in your lap. If you really want it and we mean ‘really’ want it – we can guide you to whatever you want to achieve. Are you prepared to door knock, call 25 people a day from your database and script practice? – if yes – you are already a step ahead of most agents!



You cannot fake being a lovely human. If you genuinely care about others and want to help you have the main attribute to becoming a successful agent. Keller Williams teaches a ‘relationship’ based strategy not transactional, so if you chase numbers and see this as a way to just make money – do not apply.

Our Awesome Team  Guiding you to success!

Mark Readings

Mark Readings

Operating Principal

Pioneer of the online estate agency sector, Mark is responsible for the running of the Market Centre, strategy and training of associates.

Claire Readings

Claire Readings

Market Centre Director

People developer, Claire is our recruiter and trainer helping agents define their goals and supporting every step of the way.

Hannah Leggett

Hannah Leggett

Market Centre Manager

Hannah is a superhero of organisation and manages the Market Centre in addition to supporting our agents daily so they achieve their long term goal.

Sophie Cooper

Sophie Cooper

Assistant Team Leader

Sophie is an experienced Branch Manager, with an outstanding record of performance within the corporate brands, and handles recruitment/coaching of new to the industry agents.

Anthony Quirk

Anthony Quirk

Coach and Investor

Serial local agent in the Essex region, Anthony brings huge insight and value to our agents looking to achieve early success.

Russell Quirk

Russell Quirk

Coach and Investor

A huge name in estate agency and PR, Russell is an investor in our Market Centre and supports and coaches our agents to success.

Our Market Centre in Brentwood, Essex

Our aim is to inspire our agents and part of that is the environment for work and training

The Romford Market:  Size of the Opportunity

b3lineicon|b3icon-users-group||Users Group

Population: 154,777


Households: 62,804

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

5 Bedroom – average price: £604,000

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

4 Bedroom – average price: £535,000

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

3 Bedroom – average price: £414,000

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

2 Bedroom – average price: £279,000

b3lineicon|b3icon-clipboard-chart||Clipboard Chart

12 month price increase: 1.3%

Properties for sale

Sales per month

Avg. Price (£000s)


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