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‘Pine’-ing for a New Look? 3 Ways You Can Use Wood Features to ‘Spruce’ up Your Essex Home

by Oct 29, 2021UK Property News

3 Ways You Can Use Wood to ‘improve’ Your Essex House

You could be renovating your existing home or giving the final touches to your new acquisition. One primary consideration should be how furniture, as well as other wooden items, can be incorporated.

Wooden items are sold in various colours and textures and are ideal for any modern home design. Here are three ways in which you can integrate wood to spruce up your home décor. 


Try A Visually Striking Wood Wall

If you want to integrate some ‘pop’ in your room, one good alternative is an offset, or patterned wall created using wood.

You would have a host of options when it comes to integrating wood into a wall. Opt for horizontal slats with lighter wood, such as pine, if you want to go for a modern look.

You can also try a flat wall created using hardwood boards of a darker shade compared to the room’s paint.


Go Rustic With A Farmhouse Dining Table

Your dining room may feel slightly dull if you do not have the conventional table and chairs. To enliven your dining room, you can integrate a rustic farmhouse dining table.

Furthermore, hardwood tables such as these are sturdy. They can endure quite a lot, and thus, they are ideal for families who often have company over.

In fact, building such a table would only take a few hours. You can look for plans online and get the required tools from your local DIY store. 


Reclaim And Refinish For Timeless Beauty

Lastly, also consider how you can make use of reclaimed wood at home. You can consider replacing tiles with some form of “rip and refinish” hardwood flooring reclaimed from some other house. If you prefer wooden furniture, it is possible to obtain chairs or side tables constructed using reclaimed wood.

Although we cannot assist you in picking your wooden furnishings, we can help you find the best new home.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home, get in touch with us. Our professional team will be more than happy to find some beautiful home listings in the local area or even tempt people off the market to sell to you.

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