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Are you a Mortgage Broker? Looking for a new revenue stream and lead generation?

Create a reciprocal and self-sustaining mortgage business powered with face to face appointments

1 hr Mortgage Partnership Webinar – 24th June 2021 @ 7pm

Keller Williams Plus– Mortgage Partnership

Innovative | Disruptive | Agent-First

Spend an hour on the 24th June 2021 at 7pm learning about how Keller Williams Plus can help you offer a new service to your database, remain in control of the service, earn significantly and benefit from new exclusive mortgage leads. You will learn about:-

  • Overview of the Keller Williams model – how it works
  • Economic model – how much you can earn and time required
  • Lead generation – how you can secure clients
  • Broker case studies – the success you can expect
  • How this works for single or broker businesses
  • Q & A

Your own business, but you are far from alone

Personal brand

Combine the credibility of the world largest agent with you as the personal business brand.

Market Centre

A local base to work from if needed, collaborate with likeminded agents and attend face to face training at our base in Brentwood – Essex.


Join a community of 70+ agents willing to help and support – join a business that lives by strong ethics and a documented belief system


Business ownership combined with estate agency, KW is rated the best training organisation in the world. Benefit from world class training at regional and local level.

Local support

Define your goals and our team will guide you on the daily/weekly tasks and act as your accountability/coach partner.


Capture, nurture, close and sell – a suite of products ready for you to use. KW have committed a $1bn technology fund and are building out a UK specific platform.

Revenue share

Become a stakeholder in KW by earning from recommended agents that join our business.

Fee split

Earn what you deserve, power your pocket rather than someone else’s – take control over your finances – forever!

Earn what you deserve

You earn between 63% – 90% of each transaction

Year 1

Based on an average fee of 1.5%.
2.5 completions per month.
1 let per month.
Includes 5 month lagtime.

Year 2

Based on an average fee of 1.5%.
3 completions per month.
2.5 lets per month.
Includes no lagtime.

Year 3

Based on an average fee of 1.5.
4 completions per month.
4 lets per month.
Includes no lagtime.

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