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How to Purchase a New Home in a Hot Essex Housing Market? These 4 Tips Will Help You Succeed

by Nov 11, 2021Buying a Property

Buying a New House in a Competitive Essex Market? These 4 suggestions Will Help You Succeed


If you are in the market for a new house and dealing with a buyer’s market, it can be straightforward to find and buy a lovely home. On the other hand, if you are looking for a house when the market is hot, you will most likely deal with bidding wars and may lose your dream home to another buyer. We have outlined four tips that will assist you in succeeding during your house-hunting quest in a hot local market.


Tip #1: Do Your Research Ahead Of Time

Moving quickly is crucial in a hot market. If you ensure that you do your research before beginning the process, it will give you an edge later, particularly after finding the perfect dream home. Ask your estate agent as to what paperwork, as well as other material, will be required. I advise pre-selecting a solicitor and a surveyor if you wish to purchase a home buyers survey.


Tip #2: Get A Mortgage Pre-approval

After finding your dream home, you may eventually learn that several other buyers want to purchase the same house and have submitted bids. Then, you need to demonstrate that your mortgage financing has been pre-approved. Note that the seller would want to complete their sale as soon as possible and for a reasonable price. Therefore, pre-approved mortgage financing will help prove that you are keen on making a good purchase. Make sure you have your AIP/DIP ready to show the agent handling the sale.


Tip #3: Be Ready To Pounce (But Don’t Be Hasty!)

When it comes to being serious, it is also essential for you to remain prepped to go after the right listing. In a hot market, there will be many buyers. Needless to say, finding the right house and then losing the opportunity to seal the deal due to unnecessary delays can be heartbreaking.


Tip #4: Small Sacrifices Are Okay

Lastly, securing the deal may sometimes involve making small sacrifices. For instance, the seller might integrate specific special terms into the agreement. Moreover, some may even ask you to handle a few of the completion costs. Regardless of the scenario, remember that your leverage is slightly lost in a hot market. Hence, a small sacrifice is acceptable in such cases. 

Purchasing a house in a hot market can be particularly challenging. However, with some amount of preparation, you can become the winning bidder.

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