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Essex Workplace conflict affects performance

by Oct 19, 2020UK Property News

How conflict in the workplace affects performance

Have you ever experienced conflict in your working environment?

Are you in the middle of it right now?

Does it occur regularly?

Do you agree with all decisions your Boss/Director makes?

If you answered yes to any of the first 3 questions or a no to the last. What would it feel like to work every day – free from it?

I’ve experienced many forms of conflict, not always from individuals. I have disagreed with business policies that affected my enjoyment at work. I have endured a clash of personalities, and this can be the worse kind. Sometimes not even wanting to go to work. That’s not right.

There is not a Manager/Director that gets every decision right. Mistakes happen – I’ve made plenty in my career, and sometimes it’s taken too long to realise them. I should have learned faster, but I have always lived my life trying to make the right call.

My experience of conflict ranges from being an employee and then as a CEO. While the positioning is different, they affected me in the same way.

  1. Unhappiness
  2. Dip in performance
  3. Lack of peace of mind

When your mind is not clear, you are prone to make mistakes, and without doubt, all 3 issues above affected my mental health.

I can be decisive and will back my judgement, but I make better choices when I have a positive mindset.

Positivity changes lives. I’ve seen it in myself and see it every day in my working life. I work with like-minded people, and it has made me a better person both professionally and personally. You have to seek a new approach, and you need to want it.

I can safely say since April 2019, when I first met the Keller Williams UK leadership team, my life has improved beyond what I thought was possible.

And that’s my point – we all have limiting beliefs. It’s natural, but what we think is impossible can become a reality. Freeing the mind of doubt/fear is a revelation. Focusing on gratitude has been life-changing. I no longer want or accept negativity, it is my choice. I read more now, I want to learn, and I want to improve, I am a work in progress but feel far better in myself.

How has this happened? – the old Mark would have discarded most of the above, but the people you work with can positively influence you. If they don’t, find ones that can and will inspire you.

Living with any form of conflict clouds the mind, breeds negativity, and from experience, it is difficult to overcome. Once trust breaks, I don’t believe it is possible to work at the required level – together.

The people you surround yourself with, matters.

Mark Readings is our Operating Principal at Keller Williams Plus and the CTO of Keller Williams UK.

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