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What Makes The Best Estate Agent In Essex?

What Makes The Best Estate Agent In Essex?

best essex estate agent

How Do You Judge The Best Essex Estate Agent?


Do you feel the estate agent or the housing market will dictate your final sale price?
The answer, I believe, is both. The market will determine up to 90-95%, and a skilled agent will make the difference from 90-100%. So what defines a professional agent, and how can we influence the result.

I detail my top 5 benefits and the resulting impact for you:

Professional Presentation:

First impressions only occur – once. Obvious right? However, I see so many mistakes with homes on the market. There needs to be a defined strategy, and every element has to be the best standard possible. Make sure your agent uses a professional photographer and, where possible, encourage videography. Remember, every home in your location, on the market, within your price range, is a competitor.
Having the best advert and showcasing the key features will ultimately attract more attention, gain more viewers, multiple offers, and the highest sale price. A high-end advert can make the difference in whether you sell or not.

Rapport Building:

Buying a home is exciting and emotional. A great estate agent will build relationships with buyers from the first inquiry to completion, studying wording used and body language. If your agent establishes rapport early, the chances of negotiating become more straightforward, resulting in a better end result.


Using rapport building, the agent works to secure the best price to make the deal happen. It is a delicate balance to push the buyer up but not too far, damaging the chances of completion. Unfortunately, if you select an agent that works to high volumes, the commitment to negotiation wavers. As discussed above, having the right agent dedicated to time for you and your buyer can result in a 100% sale price.

Pro-active marketing

Generally speaking, a low fee estate agent will offer a more inadequate service, which typically impacts the marketing scale. We can simplify the advertising for a home sale to numbers. The more eyeballs that see the advert with the best presentation, the more inquiries are generated, resulting in maximum viewings, creating multiple offers leading to the highest sale price.

But this is only achieved if the agent implements a pro-active marketing strategy across multiple channels and commits to higher advertising spend per home. I highly advise you to check the level of commitment from each agent.


The more extensive the network of the agent, the more buyers will be registered with them. Using a single brand agent that delivers on 4 of the tips above is excellent, but the final network piece is crucial. Being part of a larger organisation gives an advantage. I have seen many sales agreed without a home even going to market due to the power of the agents’ connections.

We tend to look at the cost as the crucial factor when deciding on a service provider. I get asked what my fees are regularly on a telephone call, without even viewing the property. How can I do that when I have no idea of the seller’s circumstances, property condition, location, demand, and saleability?
A world-class estate agent can make a significant difference. I believe anything from 2-5% of your sale price. So I would always encourage homeowners to consider the overall value rather than the cost. Not all agents are the same!

A home is a considerable asset, sometimes a liability, so invest in the best agent and get the ultimate result. You can determine who the best is – to find out if that’s us, call on 01277 564022  🙂

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55 or Older? Is Essex Equity Release the Perfect Financial Solution for You?

55 or Older? Is Essex Equity Release the Perfect Financial Solution for You?

Reduce Money Stress with Essex Equity Release


Are you and your spouse all set to enter your new life of retirement? In that case, you know the importance of a sound financial plan that can act as your primary source of income since you no longer enjoy a regular salary. If you have put in some money into your retirement, you may have adequate resources to sustain yourself. But if the house is essentially the central part of your net worth, what is the solution?

Here are three reasons for choosing Essex equity release to release stress by releasing the equity you’ve built up in your home.

Reason #1: This Is Your Last Home


Suppose you wish to qualify for equity release. In that case, you must be a homeowner, or you must be particularly close to paying off any outstanding mortgage debt. In simple terms, equity release involves borrowed money against your home’s equity, which essentially acts as collateral. Hence, if you wish to stay in this house long-term, equity release is a great alternative.

Remember that purchasing a new home is possible even with equity release. All you must do is pay the outstanding balance, similar to other loans or mortgage products.

Reason #2: You Don’t Plan On Leaving Your House To Anyone


Do note that upon the passing of your spouse, your equity release becomes due. Usually, this is followed by selling the house or its transfer to cover the mortgage that is still outstanding. Hence, a person who inherits your house basically inherits the equity release too.
Suppose you have no children, or they are financially stable already and do not require an inheritance. In that case, your house need not be left for anyone, making equity release an amazing source of income.

Reason #3: You Can Afford Taxes And Upkeep


Lastly, remember that equity release does not eliminate the responsibility of taxes, insurance, and expenses. If you do not pay for these costs, it may cause your equity release to become instantly repayable. In case these expenses are something you can afford easily, you will live comfortably.

Suppose you want to optimise your home equity as a financial asset, and you and your spouse are 55 or older. In that case, we recommend opting for equity release.

If you wish to learn more about these financial products and your alternatives, get in touch with us today on 01277 564022. Our partner team of mortgage advisors will be more than happy to explain why equity release is a good fit.

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7 Fun and Easy Housewarming Gifts for A New Home in Essex

7 Fun and Easy Housewarming Gifts for A New Home in Essex

7 Housewarming Presents for A Home in Essex


A housewarming gift is a great tradition to show your new Essex neighbours or old friends that you care. Particularly for new homeowners, gifts that help decrease the challenges associated with moving into a new neighbourhood. This article outlines seven fun and easy housewarming-gift ideas to help your new and old friends enjoy their move into their  home.

A Door Wreath Present

This is a great gift idea that allows you to get creative as you can opt for one based on the season or simply one that is very attractive to look at. You can even incorporate a wreath door-hanger and storage box, which can assist them in hanging or storing your gift.

A Pair of Candlestick Holders

Candlesticks work well as practical gifts for a new home. They make great mantelpieces, or they can be placed on a dresser or a table. You can opt for attractive candlestick holders that align with the house’s décor and gift it with a nice set of candles.

A Homemade Meal

The process of moving and settling down in a new house takes a lot of time and effort, leaving movers with little to no energy to make nutritious meals. You can deliver either takeout or home-cooked meals with disposable plates to make the shift more enjoyable.

Fresh Flowers

A room instantly becomes better when fresh-cut flowers or lovely plants are placed inside. With flowers, a room turns colourful, although plants tend to live longer without requiring too much work. Gift some seasonal flowers or a lush green plant that is very simple to maintain.

Scented Candles

This is a practical gift that can also comfort the surroundings to alleviate the stress of moving. Pick a nice theme for the candles. You can get a colour or a fragrance that goes with the style of the house. To make the gift better, you can include candles of various shapes and sizes, along with a lighter.

Picture Frames

If you are opting for a picture frame, ensure that you consider the décor of the house. In a casually decorated home, we recommend wood, pewter, bamboo, or decorative glass. On the other hand, formal décor calls for crystal or silver frames.

In case you wish to receive housewarming gifts by shifting to a new  home, then get in touch with us at 01277 564022 or email us at

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3 Ways That Equity Release Can Transform Your Retirement

3 Ways That Equity Release Can Transform Your Retirement

3 Ways That Equity Release Can Transform Your Retirement

As a retired person, you may be looking for ideas to augment your financial security. In such a case, a home equity release is a great option. If this option is used correctly, it is a compelling resource for retirees who are also homeowners.

We have outlined three ways in which equity release can assist in converting a dull retirement into a house full of excitement.

It’s All About Flexibility

Firstly, equity release comes with the advantage of financial flexibility, which is a great way to make the most of the equity that has built up in your home with time. This way, you can leverage your house’s value without selling it away.


Furthermore, as opposed to a conventional home loan, there is more flexibility regarding the payment terms. Usually, no payments are sought till you are set to leave your home permanently.

An Extra Source Of Income

Is there a lack of a constant flow of income in your life? Is that beginning to impact your lifestyle? No matter the amount of money you have saved and other retirement accounts, losing that regular monthly income can be pretty depressing.

Thankfully, this can be altered with equity release. The money received can be leveraged in any way that you desire. That is, you can renovate your home, enjoy a good holidays, buy stocks, or allow it to stay in your bank account.

Essentially, it functions as a valuable ‘bridge’ income source, making sure that life’s various expenses are handled with ease.

A Contingency Fund, Just ‘In Case’

Lastly, equity release is an impeccable contingency fund. If this is taken out as a line of credit, you can make use of the money if and when required. Several retired people do not possess a financial ‘safety net’, and thus, they face several issues because of unexpected expenses.

In the case of equity release, you can enjoy a good sleep, utterly aware that you have emergency cash if required.

Clearly, leveraging equity release can function as the catalyst that assists in taking your retirement to another level. We have equity release partners ready to help.

Get in touch today at 01277 564022 or and learn more about this option. We will be happy to explain the advantages of equity release for you and your family.

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‘Pine’-ing for a New Look? 3 Ways You Can Use Wood Features to ‘Spruce’ up Your Essex Home

‘Pine’-ing for a New Look? 3 Ways You Can Use Wood Features to ‘Spruce’ up Your Essex Home

3 Ways You Can Use Wood to ‘improve’ Your Essex House

You could be renovating your existing home or giving the final touches to your new acquisition. One primary consideration should be how furniture, as well as other wooden items, can be incorporated.

Wooden items are sold in various colours and textures and are ideal for any modern home design. Here are three ways in which you can integrate wood to spruce up your home décor. 


Try A Visually Striking Wood Wall

If you want to integrate some ‘pop’ in your room, one good alternative is an offset, or patterned wall created using wood.

You would have a host of options when it comes to integrating wood into a wall. Opt for horizontal slats with lighter wood, such as pine, if you want to go for a modern look.

You can also try a flat wall created using hardwood boards of a darker shade compared to the room’s paint.


Go Rustic With A Farmhouse Dining Table

Your dining room may feel slightly dull if you do not have the conventional table and chairs. To enliven your dining room, you can integrate a rustic farmhouse dining table.

Furthermore, hardwood tables such as these are sturdy. They can endure quite a lot, and thus, they are ideal for families who often have company over.

In fact, building such a table would only take a few hours. You can look for plans online and get the required tools from your local DIY store. 


Reclaim And Refinish For Timeless Beauty

Lastly, also consider how you can make use of reclaimed wood at home. You can consider replacing tiles with some form of “rip and refinish” hardwood flooring reclaimed from some other house. If you prefer wooden furniture, it is possible to obtain chairs or side tables constructed using reclaimed wood.

Although we cannot assist you in picking your wooden furnishings, we can help you find the best new home.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home, get in touch with us. Our professional team will be more than happy to find some beautiful home listings in the local area or even tempt people off the market to sell to you.

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Essex Workplace conflict affects performance

Essex Workplace conflict affects performance

How conflict in the workplace affects performance

Have you ever experienced conflict in your working environment?

Are you in the middle of it right now?

Does it occur regularly?

Do you agree with all decisions your Boss/Director makes?

If you answered yes to any of the first 3 questions or a no to the last. What would it feel like to work every day – free from it?

I’ve experienced many forms of conflict, not always from individuals. I have disagreed with business policies that affected my enjoyment at work. I have endured a clash of personalities, and this can be the worse kind. Sometimes not even wanting to go to work. That’s not right.

There is not a Manager/Director that gets every decision right. Mistakes happen – I’ve made plenty in my career, and sometimes it’s taken too long to realise them. I should have learned faster, but I have always lived my life trying to make the right call.

My experience of conflict ranges from being an employee and then as a CEO. While the positioning is different, they affected me in the same way.

  1. Unhappiness
  2. Dip in performance
  3. Lack of peace of mind

When your mind is not clear, you are prone to make mistakes, and without doubt, all 3 issues above affected my mental health.

I can be decisive and will back my judgement, but I make better choices when I have a positive mindset.

Positivity changes lives. I’ve seen it in myself and see it every day in my working life. I work with like-minded people, and it has made me a better person both professionally and personally. You have to seek a new approach, and you need to want it.

I can safely say since April 2019, when I first met the Keller Williams UK leadership team, my life has improved beyond what I thought was possible.

And that’s my point – we all have limiting beliefs. It’s natural, but what we think is impossible can become a reality. Freeing the mind of doubt/fear is a revelation. Focusing on gratitude has been life-changing. I no longer want or accept negativity, it is my choice. I read more now, I want to learn, and I want to improve, I am a work in progress but feel far better in myself.

How has this happened? – the old Mark would have discarded most of the above, but the people you work with can positively influence you. If they don’t, find ones that can and will inspire you.

Living with any form of conflict clouds the mind, breeds negativity, and from experience, it is difficult to overcome. Once trust breaks, I don’t believe it is possible to work at the required level – together.

The people you surround yourself with, matters.

Mark Readings is our Operating Principal at Keller Williams Plus and the CTO of Keller Williams UK.

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