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Take Your Essex Bathroom From ‘Drab’ to ‘Fab’ With These Do-it-Yourself Bathroom Renovations

by Nov 14, 2021Selling Your Home

Update Your Essex Bathroom With These DIY Bathroom Ideas

Is your bathroom an incredible sight? Bathrooms are usually very commonly used in each house, and you can always beautify a bathroom a little more. This article will look at a few DIY renovations that can spruce up your bathroom.

Embrace A New Color Palette

A great way to initiate your bathroom makeover is to determine the best colour palette for the room. Are you someone who prefers soft, muted colours such as powder blue, light gold or cream? Or would you like a louder shade, such as a merlot red or deep purple? Essentially, the aim is to incorporate a splash of colour in the room.

Use a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the bathroom and work outwards from there. If you do have windows, figure out how you wish for the trim to contrast with the walls. Moreover, with baseboards or moulding, contrasting effects can be generated, making them stand out more. 

Tile paint is also a fantastic way to transform your bathroom at a low cost. While painting walls is obvious, some are not familiar with the quick and easy tile paint available. Obviously, remember to take proper care of the smaller bathroom accessories, such as your shower curtain, hand towels, and other components. 

Take Your Fixtures To The Next Level

After determining the appropriate colours, you can focus on the fixtures around your bathroom. Make sure that the towel racks, hooks, faucets, shower head and toilet paper holder match in some manner. In case there isn’t enough cabinet space, you can purchase a mirror that comes with storage. In case there are items such as a scale or plunger in plain sight, look for creative ways you can use to hide them. 

Brighten Things Up With Better Lighting

Although your Essex bathroom doesn’t require exceptional lighting, you can opt for a brighter, more efficient light fixture. Choose a design that aligns well with the rest of the accents in your bathroom, and ensure that it is big enough to cast adequate light. You can spend some amount of time determining the apt colour temperature for your bathroom light bulbs. LED lighting offers some really bold whites. However, do not overdo it.

The process of renovating your bathroom can be fun and will enhance your home. If you want to purchase a new home or are all set to sell the one you own right now, get in touch with us – 01277 564001, [email protected]

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